Working tents

Working tents for cabinet

Work tents for cabinet, telecom, and railway. This speed work tents is the best solution if you have to work on a cabinet and ned to be protected.

Working tents from TP-cover is easy to mount and dismount. TP-cover have created a perfect tent for cabinet, this tent can be made in different sizes and could be mounted on all kind of cabinet with our speciel mounting system.

The tent is made to keep the rain out from the cabinet when the cabinet is open.

The working tent have a window in top, so that the workers get light when performing their job in the cabinet.

Working tent from TP-cover is made with a zipper for safety and for entrance to the working tent.

The working tent is comming with a bag, the bag is made in heavy duty PVC and there is a handle.

Working tent is easy to use and can easily be fitted and removed by one worker, the storm straps is making the working tent very stable and that makes the working tent easy to install in stormy weather.

When the worker is done with the working tent, he can easily and quickly roll up the tent and fasten the roll with the straps. Then remove the working tent from the cabinet and pack it in the PVC bag.

Please see some photo of the working tent her:

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