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About TP-cover ApS

Kalechesmeden ApS has existed since 1973 and originally only delivered canopy for boats to private customers. But we have now also gained momentum of the industry customers, etc. Therefore we have started TP-cover ApS

TP-cover ApS is a Danish company with headquarter in Elsinore in Denmark. In the Beginning TP-cover was only a name of a special product. TP-cover ApS is now produced TP-covers. Before that it was Kalechesmeden ApS. The TP-cover is an industry textile company which produce special covers and bags for every industry. The TP-cover ApS has a wide range of knowledge from Kalechesmeden ApS and we always find the best solution for your company.

For more than 9 years, we have mainly produced cover products for the wind turbine industry most for transition pieces. TP-cover has a great deal of knowledge in offshore as we have always worked with products that can handle the tough weather and the hard salt water. The knowledge we have has come through Kalechesmeden ApS which is the main company.

However, it is far from the only industry that has a need that we can cover at the TP-cover. Our experience shows that we can actually produce anything from the customer’s wishes. We have experience with welding and have several manufacturing companies in Denmark, which allow for larger productions when it requires extra capacity. We are regularly contacted by customers with specific needs for a type of cover. And we have not yet encountered a task that was too complex to solve it.

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