Mounting of TP-cover

The mounting of a TP-cover is easy

The mounting of a TP-cover is easy. We fastened the TP-cover to the top flange of the transition piece. And to the floor grating of the external transition piece platform.

The TP-cover structure is aluminium-pipes monunted in the transition piece flange and insulated from the steel flange by PVC inserts.


All aluminium-pipes are assembled in a top fitting by a spring loaded tap. No tools are necessary.

The TP-cover is very easy to assemble and dissemble. Its easy for to men to set it up in a couple of minutes. The Pipes are very light because of the aluminum and still it’s very thick and strong. So the TP-cover hold the standards that you will need. We have used the pipes for offshore in more then 40 years. And we have all the tools for make the right pipes for your project.

This top mounting is specially designed to the heavy weight. We have used it for many other big covers where there is some kind of regulation to the safety.

With the TP-cover the protection of the crew and the transition piece will be at the best. See also: Materials

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